Shawnessy Registry

Please be advised ALL Alberta Registries will be CLOSED Sunday July 9th, 2017 due to Government Updates. Our regular hours resume Monday July 10th, 2017 from 9am to 8pm.
Did you know you can get in line at the registry without actually getting in line? Click the link below to “Join The Line” and receive text updates showing your place in line along with how many other customers are ahead of you

Join The Line

Looking for a South Calgary Registry that offers friendly and quick service?

Here at the Shawnessy Registry, you can expect that and more. Our staff are friendly, efficient and extremely diligent in fullfilling your needs. We have a combined knowledge of over 55 years with our current staff, and we use that knowledge to the fullest extent. Please familiarize yourself with our website, so that when you come to our office, you can ensure it is a one trip visit. By doing your part and knowing what paperwork you must bring into the office; you will make your trip into the office an seamless one.

  Download Printable Forms

You can now download printable forms from our website that will make you visit to us even faster. Click here to see all of the forms that are available to download and print. Complete the necessary forms, come into our office, and we will have you on the way in no time!

  Registry Handbooks

Alberta Registries is no longer printing study handbooks however copies are available online. Please use the links below to view the PDF study books online.