Shawnessy Registry

Alberta Vital Statistics maintains all records for birth, death, marriage, still births and legal name changes that occur in Alberta. Their vast database is accessed by our certified staff here at the Shawnessy Registry. If you are looking to obtain any of your vital statistic records from another province, you will have to contact that province directly. We have a list of contact phone numbers of each province in Canada, and we can provide you with the information to get in contact with them.

Alberta (780) 427-7013
British Columbia (604) 662-2421
Saskatchewan (306) 787-3251
Manitoba (204) 945-3701
Ontario (416) 325-8305
Quebec (418) 643-3900
Nova Scotia (902) 424-5851
New Brunswick (506) 453-2385
Newfoundland (709)729-3308
Prince Edward Island (902) 838-0880
Nanuvet (800) 661-0833
Northwest Territories (867) 873-7404
Yukon (867) 667-5207