Shawnessy Registry

As of January 5, 2021, road testing appointments can be booked here:

The Minister of Service Alberta has chosen to allow some services to be done remotely if attending the office is not feasible. Should you wish to find out more, please contact us at and include what type of service you are requiring and our online specialists will explain the processes.


Looking for a South Calgary Registry that offers friendly and quick service?

Here at the Shawnessy Registry, you can expect that and more. Our staff are friendly, efficient and extremely diligent in fullfilling your needs. We have a combined knowledge of over 55 years with our current staff, and we use that knowledge to the fullest extent. Please familiarize yourself with our website, so that when you come to our office, you can ensure it is a one trip visit. By doing your part and knowing what paperwork you must bring into the office; you will make your trip into the office an seamless one.

  Download Printable Forms

You can now download printable forms from our website that will make you visit to us even faster. Click here to see all of the forms that are available to download and print. Complete the necessary forms, come into our office, and we will have you on the way in no time!