Shawnessy Registry

The corporate registry system is a centralized data base housing all information on legal entities, businesses and not for profit organizations registered within Alberta. All the information collected in this system is public information and available upon request.

There are four types of corporate searches that can be done at the registry:

  1. Current Search: This is current and up to date information on organizations including addresses, directors, shareholders, declarants and share structures.

  2. Certificates of Status: This contains the current status of a corporation. Please note, certificates of status cannot be obtained for trade names or partnerships.

  3. Historical Certificates of Status: This contains the status of a corporation on a specific date.

  4. Historical Search: This is the same information that is contained in a current search, however the information retrieved on this search is for a specific date.

The search results may be provided in different formats depending on dates and type of business searched.