Shawnessy Registry

Any vehicle that is being operated on public property, including off road vehicles, must be registered and insured.

If you have bought a vehicle that was last registered in Alberta, you must register it in your name. The cost of registering the vehicle will depend on the date of expiry for the licence plate which will always be pro-rated. When you come in to register your new vehicle, you will be asked for a number of things. You will require a Bill of Sale or lease agreement, your valid insurance pink slip for that vehicle and your drivers licence. IF the vehicle is brand new, never been registered before; you will also have to provide the original NVIS (New Vehicle Information Statement).

If we find that the vehicle is declared "written-off, salvaged or out of province," we will require an inspection. Please see the inspection heading.

When you bring in the paperwork on the vehicle, the names on that paperwork must match the person that is coming into the office. If the person listed on the paperwork is unable to come in, they can sign an authorization letter to allow someone else to do the service.

According to Alberta Law, the registered owner MUST be listed on the insurance pink slip. By following the chart below, you wil ensure that you are with in the legal bounds of registering and insuring a vehicle.

For example:

 Bill of SaleInsurancePerson Coming InAuthorization Needed?Vehicle Registered To
1.Jane SmithJane SmithJohn SmithYES, from JaneJane
2.John & JaneJohn & JaneJohnYES, from JaneJane or John (Depends on wording of auth)
3.Jane SmithJane SmithJane SmithNoJane

Authorization forms may be brought in, or faxed in. You may download and print this form here.

Any person under the age of 18 will require parental consent to register the vehicle in their name for the first time. The parent will have to be in the office at the time of registering.