Shawnessy Registry

When a vehicle has been in an accident and the cost to fix the damage is more than what the car is worth, the vehicle will be declared a write off.

If the vehicle has been fixed to the point of being road worthy again, a request for write-off/salvage inspection can be requested. In order to receive the request, you will have to bring in the VIN or serial number of the vehicle. We will print off the request form on the spot. Once you have the form, you can take the vehicle and the request to a qualified mechanic and undergo the write-off inspection. Once the vehicle has proven to be road worthy, the mechanic will retain the request and give you a green inspection certificate. That inspection certificate is only valid for 14 days. You MUST be in within those 14 days to surrender the original certificate. Once the certificate has been entered into the Alberta Registry system, the vehicle will be eligible to receive registration and licence plates.

Please note: Although we have done our best to convey the most common scenarios, there are variable circumstances that may change requirements.