Shawnessy Registry

In order to transfer a licence plate to another vehicle, we will need a few things from you. We will need to see proof of ownership. This is generally the Bill of sale or the previous registration if the vehicle was last registered to you. We will also need proof of valid insurance (pink slip), the licence plate number, your drivers licence and NVIS (if it is brand new). The licence plate must be currently registered in order to transfer it.

When you bring in the paperwork for the vehicle, the name on the proof of ownership must be the person that is coming into the office. If the person listed on the paperwork is unable to come in, they can sign an authorization letter allowing someone else to register the motor vehicle

According to Alberta Law, the registered owner MUST be listed on the insurance pink slip. By following the chart below, you wil ensure that you are with in the legal bounds of registering and insuring a vehicle.

For example:

 Bill of SaleInsurancePerson Coming InAuthorization Needed?Vehicle Registered To
1.Jane SmithJane SmithJohn SmithYES, from JaneJane
2.John & JaneJohn & JaneJohnYES, from JaneJane or John (Depends on wording of auth)
3.Jane SmithJane SmithJane SmithNoJane

Authorization forms may be brought in, or faxed in. You may download and print this form here. You may download and print this form here.