Shawnessy Registry

In order to transfer a trailer plate from one trailer to another, we will require the Bill of sale, licence plate number and your drivers licence. If the trailer is brand new, you will also require the original NVIS (New Vehicle Information Statement) or Statement of Origin. The trailer plate may only be transferred if you are the owner of the plate. You cannot use someone elses trailer plate on your trailer.

When you bring in the paperwork for the trailer, the name on the proof of ownership must be the person that is coming into the office. If the person listed on the paperwork is unable to come in, they can sign an authorization letter allowing someone else to register the trailer.

For example:

 Bill of SalePerson Coming InAuthorization Needed?
1.John SmithJohn SmithNo
2.John & JaneJohn SmithYES, from Jane
3.John SmithJane SmithYES, from John

Authorization forms may be brought in, or faxed in. You may download and print this form here.